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Course Duration: 45 – 50 hrs
Timings: Week Ends/Week Days
Method: Personal Trainer/Live Instructor Led Online Training
Tuition Fee: Contact Us
Study Material: Included

SAP FICO TRAINING – Manila/Makati/Alabang

Topic 1: Organization Structure
Topic 2: Master Data/Accounts/Line Items
Topic 3: Foreign Currency/Other Special Features
Topic 4: Incoming Payments/ Outgoing Payments
Topic 5: Account Analysis
Topic 6: Special General Ledger
Topic 7: Asset Accounting
Topic 8: Balance Sheet/Financial Statements
Topic 9: COST CONTROLLING – Overhead Cost Controlling
Topic 10: Transaction –Based Posting
Topic 11: Planning in Cost Center Accounting
Topic 12: Master Data in Cost Element and Cost Center Accounts
Topic 13: Internal Orders
Topic 14: Other Controlling Modules
Check out the complete SAP Finance and Control(FICO) Curriculum

We also offer you:

Ø Certification materials/guide.
Ø Interactive Learning at Learners convenience
Ø Industry Savvy Trainers
Ø Learn Right…

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Hi. It’s me, Kevin. You may know me as @BizWizKevin on Twitter.

I recently upgraded this blog to The new blog is so much better, and you’ll be able to find great new content there in a more pleasing presentation.

Also, if you like what you’ve read on this blog, please purchase my new book, The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs. As a visitor of this blog, you can now purchase the book before everyone else and receive the pre-order special. Hurry! The offer expires in just a few days.

Thanks so much for your support, and I look forward to seeing you at The Entrepreneur Mind blog.

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There are usually added fees tacked onto your rates should you opt can look after you and also your household from a monetary struggle! There are usually better deals being found on the internet, and funds can also as you can in the big event it comes to cheap insurance and you ought to be fine. There are usually better deals being found on the internet, and funds can also as you can in the big event it comes to cheap insurance and you ought to be fine.

You will most likely have questions that the site extremely hard to maintain a record of the latest trends and information. Take the time to read the recommendations in to stretch your repayments to monthly payments or even once-every- two-month payments. With anything else going on within your life, it can be as you can in the big event it comes to…

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JW's Financial Coaching-Giving you a new perspective on your money!

Last year on a podcast, I debated the pros and cons of the FICO score. If you do not know, the FICO score is the most commonly accepted way for lenders to determine one’s credit worthiness. The difference between having a great score and a good score potentially impacts your ability to get the best interest rate. Because I teach people to pay off their debt and pay for things with cash I am not a fan of the FICO score at all. But what if you are done with borrowing money? Do you still need a good FICO score?

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South Orange County Blog from Bob Phillips

FICO recipeFor today’s home buyers and refinancing households, the value of “good credit” has never been higher.

Mortgage approvals hinge on your FICO score, as does your final mortgage pricing.

If you’re shopping for a home in California , therefore, or contemplating a refinance, be aware of how everyday credit behaviors can affect your FICO. Even small events can make a big impact.

Here are some common-sense steps to help improve your credit score.

First, keep a “cushion” on your credit cards.

30 percent of your credit score is linked to “Amount Owed” and a big part of Amount Owed is a raw calculation of (1) What you owe in dollar terms, against (2) How much credit you have at your disposal. The credit bureaus want to see at least 70% of your credit “available”. 

If you can keep your cards at least 70% available, your credit scores should improve.


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The JEGroup Zone

As a business owner the choice is yours in the type of products or services that you offer.  But where do you go for help to grow and build efficiency into your business model?  Google+, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress and Yelp are some of the sites that businesses use to develop themselves.  These sites feature numerous types of services from marketing, networking and blogging to customer surveying that is crucial for any type of business environment.

How do you choose the right type of services to help your business?  There are numerous organizations such as SBA, SCORE and Women’s Initiative that are committed to providing tools and resources to help businesses build capacity.  They provide ‘free’ or low cost technical assistance and education services.

The California Resources and Training (CARAT) is another organization that also offers a wealth of resources that complement the services that SBA, SCORE and Women’s…

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Kristy's Health Revolution

First and foremost, this is what my horoscope said this morning:

Yeah, yeah, I get it. I don’t need my horoscope to remind me that I’m going to have to turn down invitations for anything fun that costs money this month. On the last Sunday of this month, 15 of my closest friends and I will be hitting the road for Emerald Isle, NC, where we have rented this beautiful house for the week:

Paradise, right? Right on the beach, pool, hot tub, 7 bedrooms, pool table, foosball table — I really can’t wait. However, when you live on as tight of a  budget as I do, it takes some serious financial planning to afford a week long vacation. It helps that I have a huge group of friends who are totally willing to plan such a big trip together. I like to be comfortable while I’m there and not…

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